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Board-IN™– Searching right accommodation in new place is the big task for any student. Student Centric Startup Board-IN™ helps many outsider students to search right accommodation with their online platform. This amazing business idea is implemented by Hyderabad based Mr. Nihaal.

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We team StartupwithMeticulous™ has got the privileged to understand insights from Mr. Nihaal Sangepu – Founder and CEO of Board-IN™.

Living out of home and searching right place for accommodation is the big deal for any student. Startup Board-IN is very well understand the situation of the student, they make that difficult task easier by providing them verified accommodation with their online platform. We wish him a great success.

Problem Statement – It is difficult to find a right student accommodation. There is no right platform for getting verified and customer-centric website till date. There is no facility for advance booking.

Solutions – We can provide them verified services like Furnishing with good quality, neat and clean Housekeeping, FSSAI approved Food, hassle-free Deductions, web-based Experience, ticket and protocol driven Accountability, personal locker and cameras for Security.

USP – Certified and verified properties

Purpose of Promotion – Co-Founder.


Idea or story behind the venture –

It was in November 2017 we started working on this idea. The story behind this startup is I have seen a person coming from the interior parts of Andhra Pradesh for his job trials. He came in the early morning at 4:00 am to my hostel. I enquired him regarding how he approached to search hostels in Hyderabad. I found the results shocking that he came through JUST DAIL app. He has no idea whether the hostel has the vacancy or not. He has no idea what to do if no vacancies are present. In this situation, I found the gap in searching hostels which I to be filled. I started to do a survey across Hyderabad regarding what difficulties they have faced while searching the hostel. The results were portraying the need to change the way of searching hostels. I started working on this idea. I wanted to build an OYO for hostels. The things weren’t same as what I expected. We faced brainstorming challenges and improvised the plan which suited the market.

Special Notes –

About Start-up with Meticulous –

Start-up with Meticulous (SWM) is one of the prominent start-up business solutions provider across the nation. We are the team of young people who are highly qualified with rich experience. We are passionate, enthusiastic and motivated about what we do for our esteemed clients. We always believe in innovation with productivity and a strategic approach to achieve the peaks for our clients and that’s why you shouldn’t have questions on our feasibility towards working with you. If you need any further information, clarification or guidance then please feel free to contact. We will be happy to consult you.

Credited To – Mr. Nihaal Sangepu

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  1. This idea is interesting. Finding a good hostel is purely a luck in Hyderabad, whether its Gachibowli or Ameerpet. The Quality of food n hygiene is a question mark and of course above all, a good internet connectivity. If these things get better, I think BoardIn’s idea gonna workout. Don’t just give a star rating, its outdated, come up with some disruptive ideas. I wish you guys good luck with BoardIn 🙂

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