Startup Planning

Creating a successful startup plan is a mind blogging process, and you need the professionals to help you through it. Our team of highly qualified and experienced individuals makes sure that all your startup planning needs are met. We create the best plan according to your budget and requirements.
Market Research & Opportunity Analysis Report
Business Feasibility & Comparative Study Report
Business Modelling
Business Planning & Project Report Preparation
Sales and Marketing Plan

It is very important to understand the potential growth Factors & impact of new technologies on the business to make it successful.

The role of the Market Research Opportunity analysis Report (MROAR) is to help & guide in the process of mining the most feasible, sustainable and profitable business ideas.
This is highly recommended report, if you are planning to start new business.

We have report for almost all the places of India.

The report includes :

  • Demographic market details
  • Market dynamics – Growth drivers, Opportunities
  • Market research
  • Potential business ideas
  • Feasibility Analysis

And much more.

When you have two or more business ideas and you are juggling between to select and reject ideas. This is very important phase of start up. We have solution for you which will help to decide one best idea from number of ideas.

In Business Feasibility and Comparative Study Reports we compare all the business ideas on equal and necessary parameters. This study will help you to take decision about the profitability and sustainability of your business idea.

The report includes :

  • Business Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
  • Market Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
  • Technical Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
  • Financial Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
  • Sales & Marketing Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
  • SCM Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
  • Legal Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
  • Infrastructure Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
  • HR Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
  • MBS Analysis & Recommendation

You can contact us and be rest assured. We will help you to take your business decision by performing BFCS.

Business Modelling is one of most crucial and differentiating step in making your business successful.

The entrepreneur should know :

  • What is the target market, its size, it’s demographic?
  • What is the need of the market in terms of product, services, after sales?
  • What are the demand, supply, and potential patterns?
  • What product / services we should offer to the market?
  • What will be the price?
  • What will be the distribution channel?
  • And many more things.

    Most of the businesses & entrepreneurs fail to make a mark because of hurdles in business conceptualisation.
    Don’t worry; we are there to help you realize your business concept.
    We can answers for all the above questions and can prepare a sustainable business model for you.

When you think of any business, you need a plan to execute your concept and it is big challenge to make a precise plan which will convince all the stakeholders. It is always a good idea to draft a blue print. At MBSPL, we have the expertise in business planning and preparation of business report.

We provide “Complete, Customised and Detailed Bankable Business Plan cum Project Report. The Plan would be completely Customised, Comprehensive, Innovative, Bankable and affordable that reflects you, your idea and your future.

We don’t use ready to go templates to design your business plan because we understand that every business and its market differs from its nature, mode of operations, investments, demographics and certainly all micro & macro affecting business factors.

Our each and every plan is meticulously crafted, analysed & validated by the professional experts of business planning and it, therefore takes nearly 10 working days for preparation of the project report. The plan would serve purpose of fund raising and will be guideline doc for rest of the years as well.

The report includes :

  • Detailed Financial Projections & Calculations – 3 Yrs. /5Yrs.
  • Systematic Sales & Marketing Plan.
  • Registration and Legal information related to project set up.
  • Strategic Portfolio.
  • Trusted Business Contact details – for each major needs (Like – for machinery, legal, furniture, employee, web etc.)

And much more.

As it is often said that sales and marketing are start and end of any business, and all the success of business depends on success of this activity.

A strategically planned sales & marketing activities backend by expert’s coaching have more chances to achieve its goals. It is said that every organisation should plan their marketing activities with dedicated budget. Most of the organisation plan it with the resources they have and more often they are unable to achieve decided goals, the reasons are – no proper planning – no expert guidance.

And that’s why we provide systematically customized sales & marketing plan and we back it by our uniquely crafted coaching session for your sales and marketing team.
Our experts can tell you more about it – Just contact us.