Startup Consulting

The Start-up incubation program is designed specially to focus on the budding entrepreneurs and their demands. The whole kit has 13 services that are designed meticulously to focus on every aspect of building up a start-up.
Ice Breaking Session
Idea Generation
Idea Validation
Business Modelling
Legal Farming
Fund Raising
Infrastructure Development
Design & Development
Search Engine Optimisation
Social Media Optimisation
Sales & Marketing

The ice-breaking session is where we meet you and try to understand all your needs and want. We try to get to know you better and let you know about all our services and products.

When you are planning to start any business, you may have lots of questions in mind like :

  • How to start new business?
  • How to start factory / Company?
  • Who will do it?
  • What will be the business idea?
  • What will be the business model?
  • What will be the revenue model?
  • What regulation we need follow?
  • Which all registration and certification are needed?
  • How much budget will be required?
  • How much land will be required?
  • What will be the location?
  • Which machinery will be required?
  • How to sell products?

And many more questions will be there in your mind.
Don’t worry, Contact our experts and get FREE initial Business Consultation.
Then we strategically drive your confusion to some useful set of information which will help to analyse and work on your business ideas.

Idea generation is where the actual work starts. We sit with you and discuss your innovative ideas and provide our inputs to them. This is the time when we sit and brainstorm to take up your idea and combine it with our experience to bring out the best results.
It is very important to understand the potential growth Factors & impact of new technologies on the business to make it successful.
The role of the Market Research Opportunity analysis Report (MROAR) is to help & guide in the process of mining the most feasible, sustainable and profitable business ideas.
This is highly recommended report, if you are planning to start new business.
We have report for almost all the places of India.
The report includes:-
Demographic market details
Market dynamics – Growth drivers, Opportunities,
Market research
Potential business ideas
Feasibility Analysis
And much more.

During idea validation, we go through all the positive and negative aspects of the proposed idea. We make sure to rule out all the possible negatives and create an idea that is unique and can assure you success.
When you have two or more business ideas and you are juggling between to select and reject ideas. This is very important phase of start up. We have solution for you which will help to decide one best idea from number of ideas.
In Business Feasibility and Comparative Study Reports we compare all the business ideas on equal and necessary parameters. This study will help you to take decision about the profitability and sustainability of your business idea.
The report includes –
Business Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
Market Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
Technical Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
Financial Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
Sales & Marketing Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
SCM Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
Legal Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
Infrastructure Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
HR Feasibility & Comparative Analysis
MBS Analysis & Recommendation
You can contact us and be rest assured. We will help you to take your business decision by performing BFCS.

After the idea is on the table, it time to start developing the business model. Hence, the business modelling session is where a proper blueprint of your idea is created.
Business Modelling is one of most crucial and differentiating step in making your business successful. The entrepreneur should know –
What is the target market, its size, it’s demographic?
What is the need of the market in terms of product, services, after sales?
What are the demand, supply, and potential patterns?
What product / services we should offer to the market?
What will be the price?
What will be the distribution channel?
And many more things.
Most of the businesses & entrepreneurs fail to make a mark because of hurdles in business conceptualization.
Don’t worry; we are there to help you realize your business concept.
We can answers for all the above questions and can prepare a sustainable business model for you.

We will look into all the legal documentation that is required for you to make your business idea into reality. We will help you in acquiring all the certificates and registrations that are needed.
After all the planning and business modeling, when you think for actual setting up your start up; the first and foremost things is to give your start up a legal existence in the market. This enables you to raise the funds, to open a bank’s current account and to start your actual business operations. It is made mandatory by the government to register your business.
But, wait we know all the process and documentation, you just need to decide the type of company you want to register and we will take care of this thereafter.
You can register –
Private Limited
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
One Person Company (OPC)
Non-Government Organization (NGO)
Producers Company
Our expert will explain all the types of company formation.

Every business set up needs to register for taxes and need necessary certification according to its domain of operation and nature of business, products & services. You cannot start business / production / operations/ selling without getting certificates and licenses from respective governing authority.
There are also some non-mandatory certifications which help your business to acquire trust in the market.
You would have to consider the following –
Taxes Registration
Sales Tax / VAT/LBT
Service Tax
Professional Tax
Shop Act
Factory License
Certificate from Environment Board
You might not need all these, so to know which are mandatory for your business and which are not, contact our experts and get the answers for all your questions.

Funds are significant for a business idea to come to life. Hence we will teach you how to raise the required funds and also help you acquire some sponsors
Every startup needs funds to start with, so entrepreneurs has to chase it and has to knock the door of banks, VCs, Angel Investor or any other fund provider. Each source has protocols, SOP, application pattern, presenting pattern, documentation and may be explanations which need to be fulfilled.
Our expert team would equip you with all the pre-requisites and will guide you to apply and pitch your business to get the required funds.

We guide you through the whole process of developing the infrastructure of your business. We make sure there are no loopholes in your infrastructure for optimal results.
Every business whether it’s manufacturing or services needs a physical place to execute business operations.
The main aim of selection of any location is to maximize the benefit of location to the firm.
The location analysis typically has a cost focus viz,
Capital Cost
Operating Cost
Distribution Cost
Procurement Cost
The locations of project are also depend on sub factor that are :
Raw material & Supplies Availability
Proximity to the market
Availability of labour
Availability of supporting industries
Availability of infrastructural facility ((Power, Water, Transport)
Proximity to the social institutes like banks, hospitals, Police, fire station, medicals, local transportation etc
The location consumes lots of funds and should be selected on strategic basis. We can guide you to make location as the factor for success of your business. Our experts’ team can help you to select appropriate location, land and site for your startup.

It’s time to brand your business. Our team sits with you and discusses the kind of Logo and theme you want for your business. We help you design something that describes your business in the first look.

Designing – Logos, Letter Heads, Visiting Cards (Only For Clients)

Our design team has a vast expertise to design logos, brands, letterheads & visiting cards.
Get unique designs from us.

With the technology pilgrimage it has become essential to have optimized web support to conquer hovering & competitive business environment.
The great web presence is an important in the marketing and branding of your products, services and business.
We can prepare following websites –
Basic Websites
Dynamic & Responsive Websites
E-Commerce Websites
Mobile Applications
Prepare your websites to make your business an identifiable mark in industry.

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most important parts of marketing the business online. Hence we make your website SEO friendly so that you get the required exposure.
The social presence of your business has become a necessity. A good social presence will help you in branding and selling. Our team can prepare professional pages & accounts on social platforms and train you to manage it easily thereafter.

We help you market your business on social media and get a huge audience to notice and appreciate you through our Social Media Optimization services.
The online business industry is growing rapidly because of convenience, options and availability of internet infrastructure. Your target market is regularly using online sites to search & buy products & services. So, it will be great platforms to showcase your products & services.
Our team can prepare professional pages & accounts on online trading platforms and train you to manage it easily thereafter.

Sales and marketing need a lot of planning, and we make sure that you are guided in each step. We create a feasible sales and marketing plan for you and help you execute it.
As it is often said that sales and marketing are start and end of any business, and all the success of business depends on success of this activity.
A strategically planned sales & marketing activities backend by expert’s coaching have more chances to achieve its goals. It is said that every organization should plan their marketing activities with dedicated budget. Most of the organization plan it with the resources they have and more often they are unable to achieve decided goals, the reasons are – no proper planning – no expert guidance.
And that’s why we provide systematically customized sales & marketing plan and we back it by our uniquely crafted coaching session for your sales and marketing team.
Our experts can tell you more about it – Just contact us.

All throughout the process we will mentor you and help you with everything you need. Our team of professionals will be with you at each step giving you the best advice possible.
An entrepreneur needs to know business management. An entrepreneur needs to handle departments like – Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Accounts, Finance, Operations, Production, Human Resource, PR etc. It is humanely difficult to know nitty-gritty’s of the entire departments simultaneously.
For such people – the promoter, founder of startup – We have crafted the unique coaching session for business management.
Enrol now for the customised coaching session of business management.