Privacy Policy

MBSPL is Business Planning, market research, consulting and strategic analysis services providing company and its name, logo & trademarks are owned by Meticulous Business Solutions Private Limited. The plans, reports & services offered by MBSPL are limited publications containing valuable business information, market information, contacts & financial projections are provided to a selected group of customers in response to interest or written purchase orders. Our customers acknowledge that plans, reports & services are for customers’ internal use and not for general publications or disclosure to third parties. All the information, financial projections, quantitative market information are based on primary interviews, market trends & market values and therefore, are subject to vary.

The Buyer and or reader and or user acknowledges that the information provided by MBSPL is highly confidential and is the sole property of Meticulous Business Solutions Private Limited therefore, the Buyer and or reader and or user agrees not to disclose it in any means of distribution like electronic, mechanical, recording & print; no part of it may be circulated, copied, quoted or otherwise reproduced without the express written permission from MBSPL.

MBSPL takes no responsibility for any incorrect information provided & supplied and also takes no responsibility for any loss and or damage of tangible assets, intangible assets and or financials of the buyer and or user and or reader. No part of this plans, reports & services may be given, lent, resold or disclosed to non-customers without written permission from MBSPL.

The refund policy will not be valid after delivery of products and services. Thus it is non refundable after dispatch and or delivery of the products & Services.