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ADOFIX™ – Now a days, searching for home-based hardware installation and maintenance service is a major task and Mumbai based Vikas Sharma understand this customer pain very well. Online marketplace ADOFIX™ provides you home based products and supplementary services to your doorsteps.

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It’s an honour to StartupwithMeticulous™ team to understand Mumbai based online platform ADOFIX ™, founded by Vikas Sharma.

Mumbai based VIKAS SHARMA makes the customer task easier by providing necessary services like installation, Servicing and Maintenance to the all kinds of home services through his online platform. ADOFIX is an Online Marketplace, where customer can buy things and can also buy supplementary services associated with it.

Problem Statement : People visiting number of websites and shops to buy consumer durables and then finding Service providers.

Solutions : One platform for Products and Supplementary Services with all kinds of Home Services

USP/Differentiation/Innovation : Offering supplementary services for each products. In short, combination of Flipkart & UrbanClap

Purpose of Promotion : Funding.

Who is your ideal investor and Why? : Looking for Angel Investment who is interested about this opportunity and can invest his time as well to guide us.

Do you need mentoring / consultation ? : Yes

Who is your ideal Mentor or Consultant & Why? :

Someone who has mentored E-commerce companies.

What is road map for future? :

We want to build a closed ecosystem for our products and services. Owning Hardwares & Products while offering services can generate huge profits.

Contact :

Idea or story behind the venture :

In our previous venture ADOFAST, we were making huge losses so we started CCTV installation company and soon we started getting request for computer repair, AC services. So, it was market need which made us realise about this opportunity.

Special Notes –

About Start-up with Meticulous –

Start-up with Meticulous (SWM) is one of the prominent start-up business solutions providers across the nation. We are the team of young people who are highly qualified with rich experience. We are passionate, enthusiastic and motivated about what we do for our esteemed clients. We always believe in innovation with productivity and a strategic approach to achieve the peaks for our clients and that’s why you shouldn’t have questions on our feasibility towards working with you. If you need any further information, clarification or guidance then please feel free to contact. We will be happy to consult you.

Credited To – Vikas Sharma


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