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Lotus, the national flower of India signifies beauty, spirituality, wealth, knowledge and brightness. Lotus is famous for not only its beauty but also for its product processing potential.

Some Basic Information About Lotus Plant:

Lotus plant comes under Nelumbonaceae family and N. nucifera species; considered as the most beautiful and exotic plants in the world. It is perennial, rhizomatous and aquatic herb which usually grows to the height of 15cm and has s horizontal spread of 3 meters. Lotus farming is mostly done to fulfill the food and the medicinal requirements from the seeds, rhizomes/roots, and flowers.

Nutritional Value:

Lotus root is the best low-calorie food and has a unique blend of essential vitamins, minerals. It also has a large portion of dietary fiber and protein.

Lotus seeds are a good source of Protein, Carbohydrates, Fiber, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Iron. Also, it has a low glycemic index.

Health Benefits:

From many decades, the lotus is considered as a healing herb. Rhizomes, leaves, seed are used as traditional medicines, Ayurveda medicines, and Oriental medicines.

Here are some benefits of lotus plant:

  •  Stabilizes Blood Pressure
  • Treats Headache
  • Prevents Asthma
  • Avoids Fatigue
  • Heal Diarrhea
  • Promotes Digestion
  • Treats Insomnia
  • Anti- Aging Properties
  • Heals Inflammations
  • Treats Urinary Problems
  • Cures Nosebleed
  • Treats Obesity Problems

Food Products from Lotus Plant:

  • Rhizomes

Rhizomes are available in the market in the form of whole or cut in pieces as fresh, frozen or canned. It is used in curry, soups, serves as a salad, soaked in syrup or pickled in vinegar (with sugar, chili, garlic) etc. Dried slices of rhizomes are fried and used as a snack or side dish. Rhizomes have a crunchy texture and sweet- tangy flavor.

  • Flower-

Lotus Flower Jam have some health benefits and it is suitable for all age group. Lotus tea is a beneficial herbal tea prepared using the dried lotus petals/flower, water, and sugar. Lotus flavored green tea is the new product in the market; which can be processed by blending the natural scent of the flower with green tea.

  • Seed

Lotus seeds can be processed to produce bakery products, noodles, and food in forms of paste, fermented milk, dried seed, soups, seed-pops, flour etc. The texture of lotus seed is like raw potato.

Pharmaceutical products from Lotus Plant:

Lotus contains anti-aging enzyme named as L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase which helps to repair crushed proteins. This can be used in the process and produce products like Ayurvedic Medicines, Creams, Perfumes, Facial Mask, Essential Oil, Other Beauty Products etc.

What is the current market potential of the Lotus Processing Business?

Eating healthy food is important for everyone especially adults. It can prevent and help you control health issues; also, it balances the content of nutrients in the body, reduces stress and provides energy.

Most people are living an active lifestyle, which has hampered the homemade meals; and finally, end up leading those people to search a convenient snack food to fulfill their needs. These people are looking for variety and changing their preferences of snack food over chips and cookies.

Indian snacks consumers are becoming calculative about their health, and they are searching for a healthy alternative with authentic Indian flavors over normal snacks. People are using lotus seed flour as a substitute to Maida & wheat flour due to its energy value and less glycemic index.

Many experiments & researches have shown the medicinal and health benefits of lotus. As per nutritional components and health benefits of lotus plant and seeds can fulfill the requirements according to changing food habits. Thus, products processed from lotus would pick the huge market demand & it will rise in the next few years. Therefore, there is the strong opportunity for healthy and innovative products processed from plants like a lotus.

Lotus products processing business isn’t a new business idea, but due to its awareness, the sector is still in its nascent stage. If one enters with a new researched and developed existing and unique products using lotus plant, it will hit the market for sure. These products are available in the market but some of the products are in its nascent stage of the market, this is a great business potential for those who want to start Agro based Processing Businesses, Medicinal (Ayurvedic) Lotus Products Processing Business, Food Processing Businesses or Snacks Processing Businesses with the brand.

The person behind this effort is Ms. Sumati Awaghade – Business Conceptualizer and it is moderated by Mr. Nikhil Thite – Co-founder – Meticulous.

Thank you.

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