Consultants can have a negative image for – charging more for work that results in stacks of PowerPoint slides, all of which are archived into a dusty closet (digital or otherwise). When consultant’s recommendations are implemented, employees often argue that the actions are not beneficial and don’t reflect day-to-day business realities. That’s one side of the story. While...
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Five steps of validating a business idea, product or service : So, in this article we are discussing; what all points one should consider to validate the business idea? So, you will learn some tricks & tips that will help you in the validation process. Before that tell me do you have a mind-boggling business...
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How to find / come up with the new ideas? And how to use those ideas to create new successful products/ services/ businesses or solutions. The process of idea generation starts with self-assessment & self-needs; why so? because it permits you to analyze what things need improvement or can be replaced with another greater substitute...
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