how to scaling up your startup
There are around 300 million start-ups operating all over the globe; from which, few are still affirming their presence while few sets to scale up in stature. As the entrepreneurial culture is growing so notably and well-versed start-ups are unfolding the new opportunities; there is a continuous rise in that figure. Start-ups are experiencing a...
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You must be wondering, what would be the reason behind giving such a wild name to a nut? It’s because of the faint strips like tiger skin are present on the nut.  What is Tigernut? Tigernut (Cyperus Esculentus) is an obscure vegetable weed plant which produces sweet nut-like tubers a.k.a. earth almonds. Packed with many...
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Lotus Processing Business
Lotus, the national flower of India signifies beauty, spirituality, wealth, knowledge and brightness. Lotus is famous for not only its beauty but also for its product processing potential. Some Basic Information About Lotus Plant: Lotus plant comes under Nelumbonaceae family and N. nucifera species; considered as the most beautiful and exotic plants in the world....
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The company offers ‘world-class’ consulting services for the budding entrepreneurs. In conversation with Insight Success, Yogesh Thite – Founder & CEO talks about the distinctive features and why market-research plays a pivotal role for a startup company. Kindly brief us about the company – inception and the overall journey to date. Meticulous had started its journey in...
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A recent search shows that about 80 – 90% of the new startup fail. Today, every startup has only one question i.e. “What are the reasons startups fail?” Out of that Top 20 Reasons are,     1. Unfit For Market –  The biggest problem which encounters today’s startups is mismatched market needs. To avoid such cease...
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Interview of Yogesh Thite, Founder of Meticulous
Please provide a brief overview of your product service. Started journey in 2011 as a startup consulting company, Meticulous has kept its focus on delivering quality services. Strategic partnerships of Meticulous has accumulated massive knowledge and invaluable experience in the area. Meticulous is now deeply concentrating to build a sustainable startup ecosystem strategic business planning...
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Plan Fund Raising For Business
Everyone thinks that to hit the startup, you need a funds, but that is half-truth. Getting a fund should not be the objective, it should be Plan B, in case you need it. Funding should require to scale up business and should not for building up, there might be some exception like where in prototype...
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Startup Story Board-IN
Board-IN™– Searching right accommodation in new place is the big task for any student. Student Centric Startup Board-IN™ helps many outsider students to search right accommodation with their online platform. This amazing business idea is implemented by Hyderabad based Mr. Nihaal. This blog and initiative is to aware people like you about every great Startup...
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SunGET Solar Infra Pvt Ltd.
SunGET Solar™– Solar is the best option for renewable energy. Mr. Dipak Kotkar is working to promote the usage of solar & awareness of green energy. They offer you EPC solar energy solutions right from concept development to commissioning. This blog and initiative is to aware people like you about every great Startup around. We...
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BigFix - Startup Story
BigFix™ – Gadget Caring Digital Platform BigFix™ provides your gadget online and offline repair services with their repair partner. This great business idea is implemented by Chennai based Umamaheswaran and his team. This blog and initiative is to aware people like you about every great Startup around. It’s an honour to StartupwithMeticulous™ team to understand Chennai...
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