Online Wholesale Food Products Selling Platform

Gooeze™ – Hyderabad based Rakesh Kumar has started an online wholesale food selling platfrom Gooeze™, they provide you food products supplies to the retailer and customers.

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People like to buy products online due to its convenient features. Hyderabad based Rakesh Kumar is helping you to purchase food products in bulk and sell unpacked without wastage of it. He can be saviour to resolve your conflicts. Gooeze is an online platform for wholesale food product supplies.

Problem Statement : Customers , food industries and retailers facing problem of getting wholesale food products at their stores, they go far from their store and they purchase in bulk and sell unpacked and in some instances there is problem of unsold and wastage.

Solutions : Solution is getting the need they want as required without any time consuming and wastage and unsold.products are sold unpacked , should be in packed products etc without getting spoiled or damaged by various microorganisms.

USP : Gooeze will be first packed wholesale products with easy digital platform for shopping.

Purpose of Promotion : purpose for promotion is eradicating the problem faced by the Indian retailers and food industries for purchasing raw goods, wastage if kept idle or time saving for the our to core focus on their business.

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Idea or story behind the venture –

I used commonly visit stores marts and food vendors and used to see how the business is executed and the problem they face beyond the running the business. The main common thing behind these two sectors was purchase of raw material, they used to go early in the morning to purchase frequently and come then start their business. The same with retailers, even they go wholesaler market and purchase additionally the transport cost for them to go and purchase. This made me to open a startup and platform particularly in this sector and this sector are ever green and continuous.

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