Startup Consulting

The Start-up incubation program is designed specially to focus on the budding entrepreneurs and their demands. The whole kit has 13 services that are designed meticulously to focus on every aspect of building up a start-up.

Startup Planning

Creating a successful startup plan is a mind boggling process, and you need the professionals to help you through it. Our team of highly qualified and experienced individuals makes sure that all your startup planning needs are met.

Startup Coaching

If you are amongst the people who do not know anything about setting up a start-up but have the most lucrative idea, we are here to help you. Our team will mentor you all throughout the process and provide you with the best guidance.

Hand Holding Support

We understand that setting up a start-up is a big task & we provide hand-holding support to all our clients all throughout the process. There is always someone that you can look up to for guidance.


We believe that success comes from innovation and we look out for innovations in everything we do. We always take the road less travelled and succeed in it.


We are the determinants of your success. We make sure that everything we do to help you through the process of setting up a business leads to success and only success.


We observe the trends all over the world and make sure that everything we do is better than anyone else in the business. We are confident enough to say that all we do is going to be the best for you.


No matter how difficult the task at hand is, we are determined enough to make it possible. We are a team of individuals that do not give up till the job is done successfully.

High Employee Morale

We at start-up incubation believe in upping the moral of every client since we are pretty confident about our products and services.

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About Us

Startup incubation is ultra-precisely designed programs that cater to the needs of the entrepreneurs and the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship represents the new generation. It emphasises on creating something new, but it has a lot at stake. It’s a risque business which adds the thrill to it, which is why it is one of the most opted career options in today’s time.

An entrepreneur needs help and guidance all throughout the process of setting up a company. Start-up incubation is a specially designed program for all the individuals and organisations that are facing challenges such as fundraising, idea building, and its execution. The program focuses on providing customised startup consultancy to every individual who needs support and counselling in bringing their unique ideas to life.

Startup Mentored
Startup Planning


  • Admirable Business Plan : My work has been greatly helped by the excellent work from Experts team, their advice and support has been first class. I can’t thank them enough for the awesome progress.

    UK Based Market Research Company
  • Making Business Coaching : Being the owner of a start-up is difficult to go back to school to learn the business management at this stage. Meticulous helped our company migrate an existing business into huge virtual business with significant improvements and style. They easily went above and beyond our original design and made it look easy.

    Mr. Aditya Jagtap
    Owner - Laundromat
  • Result Oriented Solutions : Meticulous is one of the best marketing consulting companies, available for a start-up. They gave us great counsel that is already paying dividends with our marketing campaigns through increased response rates.

    Gireeja Solutions
  • Project Management Excellence : I am very pleased with your Project Management capability. Your team has excellent management skills, utmost work quality and a fast response and go around time. I can say that MBS is an honest and decent group of people with the highest work ethic I have seen for project management team.

    Mr. Keyur Patel
    Director – PARK Retail Marketing Pvt Ltd
  • Complete Start-up Consultation : Meticulous has made our start up process very simple by offering customised services. They shaped our idea and brought it to reality. Meticulous has guided us right from planning to make it operational.

    Mr. Nilesh Nirghude
    Youphoria Hospitality Services
  • Quality Service – Affordable Prices : I really appreciate all your help and support in the last 15-16 months. Meticulous has given lot of guidance and support and I thank you for that. In fact, I feel I did not pay enough service charges to you for all your work. The business plan was comprehensive and detailed.

    Arvum Foods
  • Commitment to Success : I’ve been working with Meticulous since around a year. They are quite process oriented, disciplined and has due attention to all the details. They are committed to successfully seeing through a range of projects involved in. I wish him success in all their endeavours.

    Dr. Balasaheb Kale
    Director – Grow Pure Farms Pvt Ltd
  • Hiring Recommendation : I am very pleased with the result of our work with Meticulous Consulting. Their team armed us with all of the tools and models we needed to move forward from planning to execution. I would highly recommend them to other start-ups that to develop strategies or to improve the performance of their business.

    Aquaozone Enterprise
  • Strategic Consultation : Meticulous provided us valuable consumer and competitive insights that helped us successfully position our brand in the viciously competitive market. They sorted through the mass of detail and conflicting conclusions and enabled us to pinpoint a unique position in this market.

    Aliens SysTechs Pvt Ltd
  • Start-up incubation has been the best mentor and guides throughout my journey to set up my startup. I just had a business idea and no experience or expertise what so ever regarding the setting up of a start-up. But, Start-up incubation made the otherwise tricky process simple and enjoyable. I would like to thank them for all their help and support!

  • I am associated with Meticulous since over a year now. The team fessional & knowledgeable (in each & every aspect) but they also abide by great work ethics. I had entrusted them with my project and I must say they have gone an outstanding job. They are Result oriented, affordable & fully committed to each one of their clients. They have provided support & guidance at every step without compromise, I just cant thank them enough. Being associated with Meticulous is one of my best decisions ever. They give back more than what a client can expect. Thank you team.

    Sandeep Nagarkar
    Director - FoodComb
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